Know the Local Market Conditions

2018 Fall Real Estate Market Report


Whether you are buying or selling your Vermont home, it's important to understand how the current market conditions will impact your real estate transaction.

Location, price, and condition of the home play a vital role in determining the demand, price and length of time it would take a property to sell. These key factors help to determine whether or not it is a "Buyer's Market" or a "Seller's Market". Very often general statements are made about the type of real estate market we're experiencing. Often we hear national media reports about the type of market it is. However, just like you wouldn't expect the weather to be the same in one state vs. another - the same is true about the real estate market. Furthermore, the type of market it is may be different from town to town or neighborhood by neighborhood.

Whether you are buying a home in the Greater Burlington area or selling your Vermont home - it's important to understand the market conditions. Click here for a current copy of our Vermont Market Report.

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