Communicate- Maintain an open dialogue with your children about the decision to move. Engage them at the beginning of the process to give them time to get used to the idea. Explain why you must move and answer questions truthfully.

Listen- Listening to your kids' concerns is equally as important. Pay close attention to their statements so you can alleviate any fears. Avoid being dismissive of any social concerns; acknowledge them and remind them of the new opportunities ahead. 

Explore- After selecting a new home, a real estate sales associate can help you discover the new neighborhood and point out playgrounds, community centers and recreation areas that will help make the environment seem more familiar. 

Comfort- Pack up the kids' rooms last to minimize the feeling of any disruption. The longer they feel secure in their own rooms, the easier the transition will be. In the new home, set up their bedrooms first so they feel as if they're back in familiar surroundings. Return to normal routines as quickly as possible. 

Surprise- Arrange for a special treat to be waiting for everyone at the new house. A new game will keep the kids busy during unpacking and make the first memory of the new house a pleasant one!