Tips for Selling Your "Pet Friendly" House

We know your home is special to all the members of your household - including your pet. But when it comes to selling your home, not all buyers who enter will love your pet as much as you do. Here are a few tips to consider when selling your home:

Don't leave family members behind during showings or Open Houses

Having strangers in your house, especially when you're not present, can be very upsetting to your pet. Not only can your pet become a little anxious, but the prospective buyer visiting your home may be anxious as well. Even if you consider securing them in a room - buyers will want to see the entire property and we wouldn't want any escape artists. While cats tend to find easy hiding spaces, taking your dog for a long walk or to the dog park may be preferable over worrying about them being too vocal or uncomfortable with strangers. 

Appeal to senses - especially the sense of smell

With more and more buyers eliminating homes they see online before they even walk through the door, knowing a buyer has scheduled an appointment to see your home means they have serious interest. Now they are standing in your living room and their senses are kicking in. What do they see? Hopefully you've had a chance to vacuum up the fur and pick up the pet toys. What do they hear? Buyers are listening to what the neighborhood is like - from road noise to kids happily playing nearby or the peace and quiet of your location. Hopefully they are not disturbed by hearing your pet crying to be let out  (see above).  What do they smell? While dog odors can be a little more subtle - be sure to clean the litter box. Clean it daily while your home is on the market. 

Market your home to other pet lovers

Your pet has loved living in your home as much as you have - so why not market the attributes to other pet owners. Work with your Realtor to ensure features like a fenced yard, invisible fence, or nearby dog parks are emphasized in your copy points. While some advertising copy may be limited by character count - online copy or MLS remarks tend allow for more descriptive features.