Making Your Home Shine Even on the Grey Days

Although most of us just want to hibernate during the long winters, it can still be a great time to sell your home! While they are fewer buyers in the market during the Winter months, prospective buyers are often more motivated! Winter buyers are serious buyers and are often on a timeline.

While there may be fewer homebuyers searching for homes, there is also less competition for your home in the market. An added bonus is people's time is usually more flexible during the Winter months than during the Summer – not only for buyers and sellers; but also for other people key to a real estate transaction such as repair people, appraisers, inspectors, and attorneys.

Shoveling the snow to keep the paths cleared for potential buyers

Make Your Home Easily Accessible by Keeping Driveway, Paths & Porches Clear of Snow & Ice

Snow is one of the biggest challenges for selling your home in the winter. Keep your walkways, driveways, and porches clear of snow and ice! Buyers and agents will need to be able to access your home without trudging through knee-deep snow or slipping on ice. Keep your shovel at the ready and if there are icy spots, sprinkle rock salt or sand.


Set Thermostat between 68-70 degrees

Make Your Home Warm & Cozy for Potential Buyers

What temperature do you like to keep your home? Whether you like your hot & toasty or a nice cool energy-saving 64 degrees, you will want to adjust your thermostat. Temperatures between 68 degrees and 70 degrees are comfortable. This will give your home a cozy appeal!

Make Your Home Sparkle with Some Deep Cleaning

Give your home a little extra TLC. Clean surfaces, remove cobwebs, and organize your closets and cabinets. You may want to consider hiring a professional cleaner if time is a factor.

Let There be Light! Open the Curtains & Illuminate Your Rooms

Open your curtains & blinds to maximize natural lighting in your home. Replace burned-out or dull light bulbs. The Winter days are shorter, don't forget to turn on your outside lights, so your driveway and entryways are well-lit for potential buyers.

Create a Cozy atmosphere

Create an Inviting Atmosphere with some Light Staging

With home staging, less is more. Remove unnecessary clutter, photos, or knickknacks. Winter staging should focus on creating a warm and inviting space. Consider adding some pillows and throw blankets to a chair, or couch. If you have a favorite place to read in your home, add some books to the side table. If your home has a fireplace, make sure it is the focus of the room.


Not All Real Estate Agents are Created Equal - Hire the Right One

Start by interviewing more than one agent! Things to consider are how much experience do they have selling homes like yours, and how do they plan to market your home (beyond putting it in the MLS). Are they familiar with your neighborhood or market? Did they get back to you quickly when you inquired? Do they have referrals? Do you like their communication style and do you feel comfortable with them? Were they well prepared for the interview? Make sure they know your needs, timelines, and priorities around selling your home.

Find the Right Agent Today!

Selling your home or property is a big deal. The Agent that helps you should be, too. Our Agents have a proven track record for out-performing market averages and consistently maintain a 99% Satisfaction Rating! Inquire Today!