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Winters in Vermont

It’s often a debate whether Vermont garners more attention for its fall foliage or its winters. Nonetheless, winter stands as the state’s most extended season, extending from late November to early April, varying slightly depending on the region.

Vermont’s winter landscape is undeniably enchanting. The pristine white snow blankets the state, setting the scene for numerous winter activities, sports, and festivals. Additionally, late February marks the onset of the Maple Sugaring season, a cherished tradition in Vermont.

Beating the Winter Blues

Cabin fever is a shared sentiment among many Vermonters during the winter months. However, the secret lies in embracing winter’s charm. Here are some tips to navigate the cold and make the most of Vermont’s winter wonderland:

Get Outside

While Vermont is renowned for its skiing, there’s an array of winter activities to explore beyond the slopes. If downhill skiing isn’t your forte, consider exploring cross-country skiing or snowshoeing trails. Local businesses like Onion River Outdoors in Montpelier and Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington offer gear and guidance for those keen on exploring these winter activities. Additionally, Montpelier and other towns boast picturesque outdoor skating rinks perfect for a leisurely glide or competitive game of hockey. And if you’re feeling nostalgic, towns like Stowe provide scenic spots for classic sledding fun.

Dress for the Weather

Braving Vermont’s winter demands appropriate attire. Begin with a sturdy winter coat and layer up with thermals, snow pants, and insulated winter boots. Local businesses such as Danform Shoes, with multiple locations across Vermont, offer a selection of footwear designed for snowy conditions. And of course, don’t underestimate the warmth of a well-fitted hat and mittens.

Be Ready for Snowy Roads

Snow tires are a must, especially if you plan to spend your weekends escaping to the mountains for your favorite wintertime sport. Be prepared for commutes to take a little longer when the snow flying or the roads are icy. Keep a blanket and shovel in your trunk for traveling through Vermont’s quaint and picturesque towns.

Just Too Cold to Go Out?

If the chill proves too much, Vermont offers cozy indoor retreats. Many of the state’s resorts, such as The Essex Resort & Spa in Essex Junction, provide rejuvenating spa services. Local theaters, including the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington, showcase performances ranging from plays to concerts. For book lovers, independent bookstores like Phoenix Books, with locations in Burlington, and Essex,  offer the perfect sanctuary to dive into a captivating read with a warm beverage from a local café.

There is no wrong way to enjoy a Vermont winter day!

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