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From the first time Laine Margolin visited Vermont the incredible landscape, superior lifestyle and abundant recreation captivated her. Laine, her wife, and two rescue dogs finally made their dream a reality by purchasing a home in Shelburne! Diving head first into the community, they are so excited to officially call Vermont home. “We were sold on Burlington from the moment we saw it and we are forever selling its virtues to others,” Laine stated. Real Estate has always been a huge part of Laine’s life. Her family owns a real estate company in Massachusetts and growing up she always admired their devotion and fulfillment in the field. She has spent the last 6 years as a Leasing Consultant for a busy Real Estate firm, balancing a high speed, high demand region while keeping focus on customer care, attention to detail and exceeding all company sales records. Throughout her life she has found joy in helping others, “Knowing I can help someone with the biggest decision and investment of their life is what I most enjoy.” She is ready, willing and capable to help you through every step of your real estate needs; whether it’s selling your home, buying your dream home or simply moving across town. Laine is here to help. As a person who is naturally drawn to the outdoors, Laine takes full advantage of the amenities Northwest Vermont offers its residents. Laine spends her free time soaking up the sun on the waters of Lake Champlain, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding/skiing, snowshoeing, and biking. She is an avid Crossfitter and retired Rugby player.

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