You've organized and cleaned your home to get ready to put it on the market, but there are a few safety tips for you to think about before inviting prospective buyers into your home. More often than not, a Vermont Real Estate professional will accompany potential buyers — but for your safety and others, here are a few mindful tips:

Put Away Valuable Items

Consider putting jewelry, collectibles, valuable paperwork, and prescription medication in a secure place.

Keep Pets Confined

Your dog may be friendly, but you never know how people may feel around unfamiliar animals. It's best to bring your pet to a friend's or keep them in a fenced area when your property is being shown.

Beware of Tripping Hazards

Look around your home for potential hazards that may cause someone to slip or fall. Particularly during the winter months, make sure walkways are shoveled and clear of ice. Likewise, take a look around & replace any burnt out light bulbs - inside & out.