67% of Multi-Family Homes Sold were in Chittenden County

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 Median Sale PriceAverage Sale PriceUnits SoldNewly ListedDays on Market
Northwest Vermont $320,950 (15.9%) $411,173 (24.3%)130 (27.5%)166 (-7.8%)98 (3.2%)
Chittenden County $376,500 (11.5%) $506,920 (22.2%)87 (31.8%)103 (-8%)80 (19.4%)
Addison County $240,000 (42%) $237,527 (32.9%)11 (10%)14 (-6.7%)163 (-15.1%)
Franklin County$198,975 (15.2%) $205,894 (17%)31 (19.2%)47 (-7.8%)129 (2.4%)
Grand Isle County$355,000 (na) $355,000 (na) 1 (na)2 (na)16 (na)

Investors continue to demonstrate strong demand for multi-family properties especially in Chittenden County which represents 67% of the properties sold in the region.

The median and average sale prices soared across Chittenden, Addison and Franklin Counties as supply could not keep up with demand.

A few high-priced sales in Burlington, earlier this year, pushed the average sale price to over $500,000.

Historically low vacancy rates in the greater Burlington area may have eased slightly with the construction of newer apartment buildings, however continued renter demand across the region makes real estate a good choice for savvy investors.