Addison County Market Results

This classic country Ranch in Monkton was sold in August 2021
Single-Family January-December 2021  
Median Sale Price:Average Sale Price:Units Sold:Newly Listed:Days on Market:
$340,600 +19.5% $398,214 +24.1%422 +11.6%436 +0.9%60 -45.5%
Condo January-December 2021  
Median Sale Price:Average Sale Price:Units Sold:Newly Listed:Days on Market:
$255,000 +4.1% $289,607 +6.8%28 +40%25 -3.9%53 -71.8%

The real estate market is booming in Addison County, achieving the highest median sale price for a single-family home since our report began six years ago. The number of homes sold increased by 12% – nearly triple the increase across the region. The pace of the market accelerated as well with the average time from listing to close at only 2 months – down from 3 months mid-year. Middlebury, Bristol, Vergennes, and Ferrisburgh topped the county for the most homes sold in 2021, followed closely by Monkton, Orwell, and New Haven. The highest median sale prices were reported in Cornwall, Addison, and Lincoln. Accessibility to Lake Champlain, the mountains, and an easy commute to the greater Burlington area for employment are motivators for buyers. Farm to table dining options, art galleries, and a more rural landscape enhance the quintessential Vermont life experience.

Addison County Single-Family$340,600 19.50%42211.60%4360.90%60
Addison$540,000 61.20%17-19.10%190.00%70
Bridport$324,250 66.30%1838.50%14-6.70%130
Bristol$323,500 22.10%4310.30%40-16.70%60
Cornwall$544,000 27.40%14-26.30%13-50.00%32
Ferrisburgh$339,500 6.10%28-17.70%27-40.00%80
Goshen$212,900 -17.80%30.00%40.00%174
Granville$150,000 -61.50%566.70%9125.00%84
Hancock$140,500 40.50%7133.30%525.00%151
Leicester$301,250 6.80%1820.00%1770.00%80
Lincoln$345,000 34.80%1550.00%1427.30%100
Middlebury$365,000 32.70%683.00%67-6.90%41
Monkton$420,000 24.60%24-14.30%24-29.40%34
New Haven$420,000 27.70%2237.50%23-4.20%28
Orwell$280,000 30.10%23130.00%2673.30%125
Panton$405,000 20.00%1066.70%1042.90%37
Ripton$349,000 26.90%6-40.00%8-33.30%35
Salisbury$337,500 36.00%20100.00%24100.00%17
Shoreham$330,000 6.50%15-11.80%1946.20%39
Starksboro$267,000 -22.20%14-17.70%18-5.30%48
Vergennes$265,000 9.70%2920.80%3252.40%13
Waltham$363,285 51.10%650.00%525.00%21
Weybridge$475,000 72.10%1344.40%1220.00%44
Whiting$264,500 124.20%4300.00%6100.00%255