Franklin County Market Results

This beautiful Colonial in the Harbor View development in St. Albans was sold in October 2021
Single-Family January-December 2021 
Median Sale Price:Average Sale Price:Units Sold:Newly Listed:Days on Market:
$295,000 +18% $309,118 +18.8%671 +3.4%727 +1.1%46 -43.9%
Condo January-December 2021 
Median Sale Price:Average Sale Price:Units Sold:Newly Listed:Days on Market:
$245,000 +4.3% $253,311 +9.3%54 -26%84 +20%
22 -68.6%

The median sale price for a home in Franklin County reached $295,000 in 2021. While the price has increased 41% since 2018, the county still provides the most affordable options in northwest Vermont. More homes were listed for sale during the first half of the year, while condos coming to market increased by nearly 20% by year end. The average days on the market dropped to only 46 days from listing to close for single family homes – so buyers need to be well prepared to act when the right property hits the market. St. Albans topped the county in sales by a large margin, followed by Swanton, Fairfax, and Georgia. The median sale price of $380,000 in Fairfax was 29% above the county average, but still 14% lower than the median price in nearby Chittenden County. With easy access to I-89, these towns provide options for buyers commuting to work. Traveling east, the towns of Sheldon, Berkshire, and Montgomery posted significant increases in the number of homes sold in 2021. Work from home opportunities as well as vacation home purchases may be part of the reason for growth in this area of Franklin County.

Franklin County Single-Family$295,000 18.00%6713.40%7271.10%46
Bakersfield$332,000 54.10%195.60%21-4.60%71
Berkshire$245,000 20.40%1721.40%17-26.10%84
Enosburg$200,000 1.10%32-11.10%3322.20%43
Fairfax$380,000 17.80%7513.60%77-2.50%35
Fairfield$270,000 -0.50%15-25.00%160.00%26
Fletcher$372,500 44.70%2025.00%2376.90%45
Franklin$297,500 15.00%2025.00%21-8.70%108
Georgia$340,000 4.60%7315.90%8638.70%21
Highgate$267,500 20.20%30-42.30%39-17.00%8
Montgomery$240,000 -3.60%2742.10%30-16.70%144
Richford$139,500 -6.40%3612.50%34-12.80%87
Sheldon$318,000 38.30%2652.90%273.90%35
St. Albans$290,000 13.40%1881.10%194-9.40%34
Swanton$270,000 15.70%93-1.10%10918.50%47