Addison County Market Results

Year Round Lake Shore Cottage for Sale in Ferrisburgh
239 Shore Road Ferrisburgh, VT ~ Year-Round Lake Shore Cottage in the Long Point Community. The 3 bedroom, 1 bath cottage with dramatic cathedral ceilings & exposed beams, the open concept kitchen/living room is bright & spacious, with great mountain & lake views.
Single-Family January-June 2022  
Median Sale Price:Average Sale Price:Units Sold:Newly Listed:Days on Market:
$375,000 +13.6% $431,529 +12.9%135 -30.8%191 -21.4%34 -60.0%
Condo January-June 2022  
Median Sale Price:Average Sale Price:Units Sold:Newly Listed:Days on Market:
$302,001 +21.3% $314,817 +0.5%9 -40.0%6 -50.0%26 -46.9%

While Addison County felt a substantial downturn in sales throughout the first half of 2022, it’s important to note that 2021 represented historically high sales. Single family home sales declined 30% to 135 properties sold, and limited condominium units available limited transactions to 9, 40% less than in 2021. New inventory was soft, reflecting a 21.4% decline in single-family homes listed. Despite limited sales, prices appreciated by over 13.6%. Addison County was the beneficiary of interest from out-of-state buyers during the past two years as buyers sought more tranquil areas. The combination of charming towns like Vergennes, Bristol, and Middlebury surrounded by ample recreational, agricultural, and lakeshore property makes the region a desirable primary and second home market.

Addison County Median Sale Price Single-Family Homes

Addison County Median Sale Price by Property Type

Addison County Single-Family$375,000 13.6%$135-30.8%$191-21.4%34
Addison$495,000 -39.8%716.7%1233.3%27
Bridport$339,500 42.5%6-40.0%6-45.5%14
Bristol$352,500 13.7%14-26.3%180.0%22
Cornwall$550,000 4.4%1-87.5%70.0%6
Ferrisburgh$493,500 45.4%14-22.2%1721.4%19
Goshen$369,750 73.7%2-33.3%20.0%106
Granville$338,750 125.8%2-33.3%1-83.3%100
Hancock$262,500 118.8%20.0%2-33.3%6
Leicester$240,000 -15.3%4-50.0%12-14.3%5
Lincoln$417,500 54.6%50.0%80.0%107
Middlebury$372,500 -12.2%20-23.1%30-21.1%26
Monkton$409,000 -2.6%9-30.8%140.0%52
New Haven$455,000 -4.2%5-37.5%6-57.1%5
Orwell$451,250 37.7%6-40.0%8-46.7%58
Panton$310,000 -25.0%525.0%860.0%14
Salisbury$303,500 10.4%6-33.3%5-37.5%27
Shoreham$447,000 33.4%2-66.7%3-70.0%37
Starksboro$249,000 -7.8%6-14.3%5-44.4%60
Vergennes$345,000 34.0%11-8.3%14-26.3%28
Weybridge$375,000 -10.9%4-50.0%8-20.0%10
Whiting$324,500 62.3%433.3%350.0%111